Monthly Archives: July 2014

Episode 11: Audrey Claire


Mike Mulloy (@fakemikemulloy) and Sam Jay (@samjaycomic) welcome Boston Actress/Producer Audrey Claire (@10thousandhangs) to the podcast where we discuss the futures of young Pac Son and Savagé and how we won’t give them participation trophies.

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Episode 10: Aisling Peartree Part 2

Fromthe99tothe2000imgaisling peartree

Mike Mulloy (@fakemikemulloy) and Sam Jay (@samjaycomic) welcome local singer Aisling Peartree (@aislingpeartree) to the podcast where we talk about the New World Order (the real one and the wrestling one), and Thomas Jefferson sexual role play.

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Episode 8: Mat Cronin Love Fest


Mike Mulloy (@fakemikemulloy) and Sam Jay (@samjaycomic) talk about podcast favorite, Mat Cronin on the way back from a show.  We discuss the future where apparently I’m dead and Sam and Mat have a child together.

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